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What hospital to use??

Hello to all of the Pgh ladies. My husband and I are "talking" about a baby. I need help with choosing an ob/gyn. I am from Sewickley and am familiar with SVH, so that was on top of my list. However, I hear some great things about doctors affiliated with Magee, but I just don't like the thought of Magee. UGH! Any suggestions??

Re: What hospital to use??

  • As you can see, this board is dead.  You can try reposting on the Pgh nest board - it's much more active.

    But, why are you opposed to Magee?  I delivered there and was happy with my experience.
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  • I agree with Previous Poster. I loved Magee (Its one of the best places in the country to have a baby!) My doctors were great.
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  • I delivered at St. Clair and see Dr. Rankin & Dr. Warner (located in the professional bldg. - attached to the hospital). I had my first son at Magee and I didn't like it at all.
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  • Thanks for all of the input ladies.  I just don't want Magee bc of the size (and much bad press they had a few years ago), I am hoping to go to Sewickley Valley Hospital, I have heard nothing but great things there, especially about the treatment you get since you are 1 of few (if not the only one) giving birth that night.  I am originally from Sewickley so the familiarity is also a plus.
  • Have you thought about using a midwife at the Midwife Center in the strip district? they also deliver babies at Allegheny General. I had the best birth experience with them as well as my SIL.

    I've also heard that Dr. Rankin is a good dr.

  • I had both my sons at Allegheny General (3 1/2 and 3 months) I can't say it was bad either time but I didn't really love it. The delivery nurses were wonderful. But on the recovery end it wasn't great. The laction consultants were helpful.
  • Wow - had no idea this board was even here! I plan to deliver at Magee, so I don't have much to add except that I've not read a bad word at all about them in recent years. I've attended a few births there (from friends) and had to go to their L&D once when I thought I was having contractions, and the doctors and nurses were wonderful, kind and very attending.

    Good luck~

  • I'm planning on using St. Clair. I see Dr. Bulseco and crew...Most of the doctors in her practice are wonderful - others are ok.  They have an office at St. Clair and McMurray.  Lots of perks too - - you cycle through each Dr. so you know each one when it is time to deliver.  Also, they have very early hours 7 am to very late 8pm, which is awesome because I don't have to leave work and my husband can come too.  I miscarried in October and had to have a D&E.  The surgery took place at St. Clair and the staffers were great!  They took great care of me.

    I've never been to Magee but one of my teaching partners had a horrible experience and ended up being there for 2 months, my best friend pushed forever (while cord was wrapped around babies neck) and then they decided she needed a C-section, and lastly a friend of a friend went there because she was having contractions and they sent her home.  She made it home to a local hospital and had to deliver her baby.  Ugh!


    Hope this helps! Good luck TTC!

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