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Pls advice :(

Hi there,
I am 5 days late. My breast is hard and painful. It is much harder than when I usually get my period. We were ttc but this month I really did not keep track of anything. I got drunk one saturday for a party and two weekd after I got a severe cold and took lots of medicine. Now I am worrried, should I take the test or wait a day or two? Can I be pg?

Re: Pls advice :(

  • If you are only 5 days late a test might not show anything yet.

    Wait until you are about 12 - 14 days late and test then. No point in wasting $ on expensive tests.

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  • I say if you can afford the test try taking it! Although, I will say I took an at home test when I was only like 5 days late and it came out neg but I was in fact PG. My boobs were the only clue that I was PG. Everyting else felt normal, but my boobs so maybe you are! Don't worry about the getting the drunk and cold medicine. Just keep your nose clean until you know for sure...
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  • The drinks and the medicine are not going to affect your baby. Tons of people don't know they are pregnant early on and take things they shouldn't.  They go on to have perfectly normal babies!

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  • I say you should test now.  The tests are only $10, and I think 3 come in a box anyway.  Isn't peace of mind worth it?

    I tested the day I was due for AF and I got a bfp that day.  I mean no disrespect to the pp who says to wait 12-14 days, but that is crazy.  You will pull your hair out by then wondering if you are pg, and you might also be missing an opportunity to ttc again if you are not actually pregnant this month because that will be around the time that you will be due to ovulate again.

    And if you do get a bfp, you will want to make an appt with your ob sooner rather than later.

    As for the drunkeness and cold medicine, that is nothing to worry about.  I was drunk the whole 2 weeks from conception to bfp (dh and I were on vacation in Europe) and I now have a beautiful, healthy 4.5 month old daughter.  At this point in your potential pregnancy you aren't passing anything through to the embryo, so s/he hasn't gotten drunk!

    I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months if and when you are pregnant.  Please keep us posted.
  • I just re-read the post and I missd the part where she was 5 days late for AF. I thought she was 5 days from ovulation. That's why I recommended the 12-14 days.

    If you are 5 days late for AF, test now.

    Sorry for my poor reading skills.

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  • Buy a multi pack test and test now and reasure yourself in a couple of days. I tested early and I got accurate results.
  • Take a test. Read online about which ones are best for early detection.

    Don't get all concerned about the drinking you already did. There is a grace period, of sorts.

    Of course, stop drinking now. Take a test that can detect early. If it is negative, wait until the better testing time.

    Of course you can be pg. You had unprotected sex.
  • i took the test the day i was due (actually i took 3 tests that day) and they were positive . If you're worried, i woud take it
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