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stroller recommendations?

we live in Manhattan but go to LI every weekend, and we drive there. Any stroller recommendations? Should we get 2, and keep one lightweight one at my mom's or in the car?

Re: stroller recommendations?

  • We too live in manhattan and spend a lot of time in long island.  It depends on how you plan to get to long island.  We have been taking the car.  Since we don't have a crib yet on long island our baby sleeps in the bassinet from her stroller when we are on long island.  (eventually we will get a second crib for long island but our daughter is not a fan of her crib at home and likes to sleep in the bassinet at home).  We drive out to the island with her in the car seat and we bring along our stroller (uppa baby - vista).  When we get a crib on long island we will probably get a snap and go and bring that instead of the stroller frame and bassinet. 

    We are very happy with the uppa baby vista stroller for walking around the city and our daughter sleeps really well in the stroller. 

    good luck.

  • We got a Graco stroller that fits the Graco Safe Seat car seat so it makes travelling easy.  We also registered for a Maclaren which I have been waiting to use until DS is a little bigger for around the city.
    I think I have stroller envy though. I like the Bugaboo (which we didn't get b/c of the hefty price tag) just b/c you can have DC forward or backward facing. Right now with DS in his car seat he faces me...which I love but then when you take the car seat out he faces forward and I can't see what he is up to. I would suggest looking for a stroller that can be either rear or forward facing.
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