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ok, i know this is a long shot considering this is the NYC board, but there is no NJ/Hoboken board.  Any recommendations for an ob/gyn based in hoboken?

Re: Hoboken ob/gyn

  • I've heard that the offices of Dr. Brescia have awesome doctors. The word is that the office staff there are awful, but the doctors are wonderful. You can also check the website of the Hoboken University Hospital for a list of doctors.

    I'm still w/ my doctor in Manhattan though I moved to Jersey City, but I was considering checking out one of the Hoboken doctors.
  • I live in Hoboken-A couple of people suggested Dr. Brescia's office to me. I did some investigating and read reviews from kannekt (take a look at this link- hope it works) https://www.kannekt.com/12/53docto.htm 

    Had my 1st appointment with Dr. Migliaccio recently- he was great! He answered all of my pre-pregnancy questions, was patient with great bedside manner. We're not trying just yet but I do plan to stay with this Dr.
    Good luck!

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