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finally got my BFP


MH and i had been trying since a little over a year, i had trouble getting pregnant with my son the first time and had to go on clomid for 4 cycles, perfect pregnancy no complications, fast forward 6 years and about a month ago i had to get a HSG test to check if my tubes were ok, part of the fertility testing they do after a year has passed of trying, well t wasn't good my left side is blocked and i would have to consider treatment for it so only my right side was working, well my doc decided to try clomid again even though OPK were comimg out positive, i was to start them this cycle so here i am waiting for my "friend" to show up so i could start, and i am now 5 days late but i t has happened before so i did not want to go thru the roller coaster of getting y hopes up only to come crashing down with a negative result, my mom says to me just humor me do a test i'll buy it...fine i give in do the test and 3 min later PREGNANT show up on the screen, i sat on the bathroom floor to cry thanking God for the miracle!
BFP #1 May 2000 ~ Darren was born Jan 13, 2001 ~ 6lbs 2oz 191/2" ~ 39 wks due to low fluid, otherwise perfect pregnancy
July 2004 abnormal pap, colposcopy and LEEP procedure ~ paps every 3 months all normal for 1 year
2006 all clear to start TTC
HSG Nov 2007 ~ all normal except mild left tube blockage
BFP #2 Dec 2007 EDD sept 3 ~ missed m/c ~ Feb 14 2008 ~ 9wk 2d D&C
BFP #3 Apr 2008 EDD Dec 10 ~ ectopic ~ May 2008 ~ 5wk 2d ~ emergency lap surgery, lost left tube
BFP #4 Jul 2008 EDD May 5 ~ missed m/c ~ Aug 2008 ~ 5wk 2d D&C - trisomy 16
RPL panel Aug 2008 ~ diagnosed with compound hetero MTHFR
BFP #5 Nov 2008 EDD Jul 31 ~ blighted Ovum ~ Dec 2008 ~ 4wk 3d ~ natural m/c at home for my birthday
BFP #6 Feb 2009 EDD Oct 15 ~ 4wk 3d ~ chemical pregnancy ~ Mar 2008
BFP #7 May 18 2009 ~ Gabriel Michael ~ Jan 19, 2010 ~ 7lbs 2oz 21"
TTC again since Jan 2011
BFP #8 Jun 2011 EDD Jan 20 ~ 5wk 6d ~ missed m/c ~ D&C
July - Hysterscopy removed some polyps, all clear for IUI with clomid
Aug-Oct - IUI - with Clomid all BFN
Nov-Jan - IUI - with femara and trigger = BFN
back to TTC naturally on our own hoping for another miracle.
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