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What are you girls buying for ease around city PLUS space saving features (can fold up easily). I know it seems like everyone has a bugaboo---but is it really worth the price? Right now I'm deciding between Peg Perego and Quinny.

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  • We originally registered for the Peg Perego Aria because it's light-weight & easy to store when not in use.  We heard from various people that it wasn't that great for city use, better for suburb moms.

    I don't know much about Quinny, but we finally decided on the Baby Jogger City Mini:

    I'm not due until August, so I can't tell you how I really feel about it, but it was really quick & easy to assemble upon arrival & is taking up very little space.  So far so good...  :)

  • Thanks..I've heard mixed things on Peg Aria, but I'm thinking of going with Peg Pliko P3. It looks like it'd be fine for the city plus advantage of being lightweight without being skimpy.

    I love the look of jogger strollers, but I don't jog!

    Anyone else? I'm also curious about carseats (infant vs convertibles,etc) and swings/bouncers that are suitable for small nyc apts (or if they're unnecessary).

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  • LOL... make no mistake, I'm not a jogger either!  But we were able to try it out on the street at the Bambi store here in Hoboken.  There was even a little girl there whose parents were willing to let us push her around in it to test it out.  She weighed about 40 lbs. & it was still really easy to maneuver.

    Supposedly, the ones w/inflatable tires are the absolute best for city sidewalks.  See if you can find a shop that will let you test it out in the elements.  It really helped us make our decision.
  • Oh, & I should have mentioned, we did get the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat & it is compatible w/the city mini stroller (w/the adaptor):
  • I love my bugaboo, but it does not fold easily, it sits in the entry way of our apt.  i also have a maclaren which i use when running errands in smaller stores and when im getting in and out of a car.  i like the bug b/c its easy to push and nice thru the park and on long walks, but probably would be fine with a snap and go for the first few months and then the maclaren or some other small umbrella stroller.  the big strollers are tough in small city stores / restaurants.
  • I have the peg perego pliko p3 and LOVE IT!  I love everything about it... lightweight.. easy to fold and unfold, adjustable handles for my tall hubby (I'm 4'11"), large canopy (I haven't found another canopy with such coverage) and you can store it upright (in a closet, say).  Now I haven't used it in the city... we just moved here 3 weeks ago.  I had been living 2 hrs south of Chicago... so more suburb use and I used a jogger for the park.  Now I'm looking for a double ( I have a 2y/o and a 9 m/o).   I've heard to stear clear of peg in this dept.  I'm looking at the baby jogger or the phil & ted sport buggy.  Another friend in the city swears by the phil & ted... But I dont' know about folding it and storing it.   It is an option if you plan on having number 2 in the next couple of years.  Just buy the doubles set to it.
  • I have the UPPA baby stroller and I love it.  It has a really nice size bassinet that my baby slept in more than her cribe.  The stroller part almost completely reclines so great for sleeping.  It is compatible with the primo viaggio car seat which I am also really happy with. Definitely check them out - really easy to move and maneuver. My sister has the Quinny in Europe and loves it - but they are made to different standards here and don't think they are as good - the rep in buy buy baby told me the handles kept breaking and they were on their 6th floor model!!
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