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Delivery at NYU

Can anyone please share their experience delivering at NYU? I hear it's a great hospital to deliver at but I'm a little disappointed that I will have to share a room after the delivery in the Mother/Baby recovery unit. What was it like for you?

Re: Delivery at NYU

  • I delivered at NYU in 2005 (and will again this fall).  The delivery rooms are very nice.  The recovery rooms (where you stay after baby is born) aren't great.  Not awful, but small and not so cheerful.  There are 2 private rooms, and you can request one for extra money - something in the ballpark of $800/night.  I actually ended up having my double to myself because they weren't so crowded, but you never know how many people will be there. 

    Most (all?) hospitals in NYC don't have very many private rooms available, and all charge extra for the option.
  • a private room at NYU is more of in the ballpark of $300/night.  there's a waiting list so you need to get on that soon as you come in if you want a good chance of getting the room. usually your DH/partner/labor coach/whoever is with you at the time will go to the admitting desk for you since you'll be busy (duh, workin' on giving birth to a baby!), let that person know to mention it to the staff that you want a private room.

    i delivered there in february.  i loved the L&D nurses... and also loved my OBGYN... so i had a great birth experience.

    my postpartum stay was alright.  i found the nurse assistants there to be wonderful.... they took care of the baby so well, and me too.  my friend is a nurse there (i'm a nurse too) and she said they are phasing out the nurse assistants though... i don't know when, but there's a chance when you are there, you'll have one RN who takes care of you and the baby.  if that's the case, it's supposed to be 1 RN to up to 4 mother-baby couples. 

    when i was there the RN's were nice and helpful.  i do wish i saw them be more proactive about postpartum teaching though... they have some classes you attend... a discharge planning class (on infant care and what to expect when you go home) and a breastfeeding class.  just try to soak everything in before you go home and don't be afraid to ask for questions or help even if it seems the unit is busy. 

    the double rooms are small, but i came in not expecting much.  you should take a tour so that when the time comes for you to stay there, you know what to expect.

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