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Minimum essential items for baby in small apt

We have a tinsy one bdrm, so I'm trying to only keep essential items in the apt for the baby. We'll only be there about a month before moving to a bigger place. This is what I'm planning on so far--let me know what I'm missing or don't need?

*stroller wtih bassinet (bassinet piece will double as cradle once put in rocker stand)
*diapers/a few clothing items/washclothes for baths
*diaper pad for changes
*bouncer chair
*boppy pillow for feeding
*baby bjorn for quick runs to store
*formula/bottles/nursing items.
*car seat (since will be taking baby home in this and can be attached to stroller if necessary)

and that's it!

Re: Minimum essential items for baby in small apt

  • I would add exercise/birthing ball - holding her on it and bouncing was the only way to soothe DD in the first few weeks.
  • You need a baby tub for the sink - the washcloths don't help if you don't have anything to wash the baby in!
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  • I thought the sink was fine for a NB--just put a washcloth at the bottom of the sink so there is no slipping. We have a tub (at my mom's currently) that we'll once after the first few weeks...
  • the sink is fine - we're still bathing DD in the sink - but she's graduated to the kitchen sink because the bathroom sink is too small.


  • You may already have thought of this, but don't forget a dipaer bag (or big purse), and grooming/first aid essentials - i.e. thermometer, nail clippers.  and plenty of extra spit-up clothes & changing pad covers, unless you want to be always doing laundry.
  • i'm in the same situation (although we don't know when we'll move) and i'm convinced i don't need a swing.  the bottle stuff and breast pump seemed essential to me though.  good luck!
  • you'll need a swing. I have the aquarium take a long swing that folds easily.
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