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Orbit Stroller?

DH and I are going to be moving to Astoria in February, DS will be 1 year old. We're looking at lighter strollers (but not umbrella) and we liked the Orbit because of how little it gets when it's folded.

Anyone have any experience with this stroller? How is it on the train, in cabs etc...


Re: Orbit Stroller?

  • We have this stroller and we LOVE it.   We still use the infant car seat with it but I'll tell you that the car seat is far from "light".  The stroller does fold up very easily and becomes very compact but you still have to detach the car seat or toddler seat for it to be light and compact.  I love this stroller and have nothing bad to say about it but I don't know if I would consider it a "lightweight" stroller.  It was the best chocice for us because it was so easy to use when traveling in a car.  The car seat just snaps out of the base and onto the stroller.  The same with the new toddler car seat.  I'm sure it would be fine in a train or subway if you keep the stroller intact but if you had to detach the car seat, don't think it would be easy to carry.  Not too sure how it would do while traveling in a bus.  If I had to commute with it, I would probaby go with a different stroller.  You should go into one of the retailers that carries it, like buy buy baby, and try it out.  That's how we decided to get it.  Hope this helps.

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