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Manhattan Shopping for Mom and Baby

Hi! I used to be a city girl, but have lived in Florida for a few years now. I'm headed to the city for a week, and at the end I have a wedding. Any recommendations for good places for maternity dresses or cute baby things? Thanks!

Re: Manhattan Shopping for Mom and Baby

  • destination maternity has a wide selection of maternity wear since it combines pea in a pod, mimi maternity, and motherhood maternity all in one place.  there is even a maternity spa called edamame on the very bottom floor.  in addition to clothes they also have some cute baby things, books, and lots of preggo pampering products.  they also have a nice public restroom which is a godsend when you're pregnant and looking for a clean space to pee when you're out and about shopping in the city!  lol.  anyway, definitely check it out!!

    for baby stuff, my favorite store is giggle.  i've been to both stores in Soho and Upper East Side, but i would recommend Soho to you since there's more to do around there anyway.

    have fun!
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