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IRMS at Saint Barnabas in Livingstone

Anyone ever see Dr. Garrisi or any other doctor in this practice?  I am just wondering what your experience with them has been in getting test results/returned phone calls.


Re: IRMS at Saint Barnabas in Livingstone

  • I saw Dr. Patricia Hughes (she's based out of Hackensack, NJ) and she works in affiliation with IRMS (she helped start that program). ?I went there for a couple of monitoring days and had my retrieval and transfer done there. ?Dr. Garrisi did my transfer and was wonderful (I was a nervous and emotional reck). ?As you can see we were successful with 1 embryo transfer, my DS is now 4 months old!

    ?I'm hoping to go is VERY expensive if insurance does not cover (mine didn't), but worth every penny!?


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  • I am a patient of Dr. Chen's, although I have seen them all.  My favorites are Chen and Garrisi.
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