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Maine Moms- When are you due and are you finding out the sex?

My due date is June 28th. Which is also my anniversary.

No I'm not going to find out the sex. It will be hard cuz I'm a planner but I want to wait.


Re: Maine Moms- When are you due and are you finding out the sex?

  • I am due in June as well, on my husbands birthday. Where abouts in maine are you?
  • My due date is July 1st which is my birthday Big Smile

    We are going to find out what we are having as soon as we can. Although I think we're having a baby girl.

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  • I was due yesterday (Jan 3rd). Hubby & I found out yesterday that baby is breech, so we are scheduled for a CS on Thursday, instead of the natural birth we had planned...still trying to come to terms with this unexpected change in plans...We are team green, so i am super excited to finally find out if we are having a son or daughter! So strange (and amazing) to think that in just two days i'll finally get to hold my baby!
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  • I am due in August.  Which is kinda exciting.  My birthday is in August, too.

    We are going to find out, but in the comfort of our home.  We are going to ask the tech to put the sex of the baby in an envelope so we can take it home and read it together.  I really want it to be a special moment, and it's not so special when you are half naked, covered in goo, and vulnerable in a table in front of a stranger.

    I am a planner, and so is the hubby.  I think everyone else will appreciate it, too.

    We are in W. Gardiner, Maine....and this is my third, dad's bio second.

  • I'm due either in late August or the first of September (haven't had first u/s yet and have had conflicting due dates given). I'm definitely finding out, I would love to wait and be surprised but I am too impatient to do that! :) Plus I'm a planner.
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  • I'm due August 15th. We had first u/s @ 6wks. Heard heartbeat (125) hope thats good : ) We want to know for sure, for many reasons. Hoping for a boy, but as long as it is healthy & happy I will be satisfied!
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  • I am due September 8th.... and definitely going to find out! We already have a 20 month old boy and I cant deal with surprises!
  • I'm due May 11 and found out in December that we're having a boy! I didn't want to find out, but hubby did. About a week before the u/s I was like I can't wait to find out. I knew there was a possiblity that I might cave. We took dd (she's mine, but not dh's) to the u/s with us and had the tech write it down. Hubby & I read the paper as we were leaving the hospital. We waited 8 days to tell everyone (on Christmas day)

    Tracey mom to dd 11.30.02 & ds 5.12.11

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  • I am due in May. We were never on the question about finding out the sex or not, Neither my husband or I like surprises and we are both planners. We found out at 18 weeks that we are having a baby boy.
  • Due end of Aug or begin of Sept. Baby number 5. We are finding out the sex for sure. Where is everyone? I see you all posting but no locations. I'm in the portland area
  • I am due August 23rd. We do plan on finding out the sex. Can't wait although both hubby and I think it's a boy.
  • I was wrong!! We are having a boy Big Smile
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