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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

I'm hosting a 6 week weight loss challenge on my blog, Stomach Rumblings, if anyone's interested! I always find it motivates me to lose weight with others. We're going to weigh in weekly on Sundays until February 13.

No cost or gimmick or anything like that- just losing weight with like minded individuals. You can post your starting weight today or just your intention to join in- completely up to you. Same for future weeks- feel free to post your current weight or just keep track of pounds lost- it's up to you.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone's interested!

Re: 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

  • I'll join!

    I am at 151.8 right now and would like to lose 10 pounds before we TTC. 

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  • Sign me up too :)

    I'm 5"2' and 132 right now, would like to lose 5 lbs, but I will be happy if I can maintain or lose inches. Coincidentally, I measured my waist and hips this morning. Should we include measurements into the challenge? It'll probably be where we see the best results...
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  • If you want to include measurements then definitely go for it!

    Please also post in the challenge post on my blog if you don't mind- I've reposted this to a few places and it's hard to keep everyone straight :)

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