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Play to Learn Daycare? danvers

Hi, I'm new here and looking for childcare for son (who will be 3 months in April '09) I am a teacher so am looking for something that would work around my schedule, not have to pay for weeks i'm not there etc. (like a home daycare or center) Play to Learn in Danvers, gave me a pretty good offer and I was wondering if anyone had any reviews of the place? Or any other suggestions in the Danvers/Salem/Beverly area?

Re: Play to Learn Daycare? danvers

  • Im from the area...Im not familiar w/ Play to Learn...Is that up near Rt 62??  Were not looking at daycares yet, but there are quite a few good ones I have heard about in Danvers.  I cant remb which ones right now...When I remb I can pos(if you want)   
  • My son will start at Play to Learn in Salem at the end of the month.  So far the center is being very flexible with my schedule...many are not.  You do pay for 50 weeks a year though.  I have a good feeling about the Salem location. 
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  • Thanks- yes 424, anything else you could post would be great.  I'm going to go visit play to learn in danvers this week.  I live in salem, but the location there is in the complete opposite direction of my work.  They did agree to work around my 38 week work schedule so im really hoping i like the place and it works out.

    Thanks for your input ladies, looking forward to hearing more if you have any! =)
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