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Anyone interested in the Bradley class?

There's one starting this Sunday and so far we're the only other couple! It's only $300 and meets in Reading between 1:30 and 4:30 for 12 weeks- it's with a parent couple (great for DH for guy talk), as opposed to just one person who's teaching it which is what the other two in the area are.

One's in Lexington and there's a condensed version w/ Elizabeth Hammond, but hers is on weeknights, which DH can't do since he travels- plus it's $350 and I've heard the 12 week series have better outcomes.

Here's Shannon & Phil's info:
Shannon and Phil Donovan,AAHCC-BCCE
[email protected]

She's been great on email and she said she'll still honor my held space, but I thought I'd check with anyone else who may be interested...
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