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Have you had Emma yet?  Your ticker says 40 weeks, today :) 

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  • HI! I am just now getting back on the Nest.  Emma was born on 9/27 and my birth story is CRAZY. 48 hours toal - 36 of them were drug-free back labor!!  I had a problem dilating, andeven fter an epidural and pitocin, I never got past 5 cms. :(  I ended up having a c-section on thursday night - 9/27.

    Emma is here andshe is just delicious! BFing is going well and she is a good sleeper.  So farso good - I love her to death!

    My recovery is going very well, bu I am anxious to get out/cabin fever. I need to find some playgroups!! Any ideas?

    How are you?  And thanks for checking on me!! :)

  • Hey Sally~


    If you want to get out, you are more than welcome to come here to play any day of the week :) We are always here, unless we are out shopping for clothes that Avery does not need any more of....lol

    I am in town until November 6th and I'll be gone until January 8th.

    Let me know!

    My email is dawnmdomaguin at cox dot net

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  • Hey thanks!  I am slowly getting the hang of things, it's still such a production to leave the house.  Where are you going?
  • First I'm doing a 5 day trip to NC for my great aunt's 100th birthday party and from there I'm going back to Maryland to spend the holidays at "home".  I haven't been home to celebrate for 3 years due to all of my infertility stuff and then my 2 pregnancies.  Christmas just isn't the same to me out here.

    This will probably be my only chance to get back home for a few years because I'm "hoping" to get pregnant again next summer/fall.

  • I totally understand!  We'll celebrate the holidays in Maryland too - sounds like you'll have a great time! I think after my delivery, I want to wait a while to get PG again.  It's been an adjustment on the sleep side, but hopefully that will improve eventually. 


  • Ugh....I remember those sleepless nights.  I slept on the sofa for the first 11 weeks.  Avery would only sleep ON me when she actually slept.  I didn't want her to keep DH up all night too.
    The day we went to Maryland (when she was 11 weeks old) she slept through the night for the first time ever. (Thanks to formula!!)
    She has slept through the night since that day.  If she does happen to wake up, I give her a bottle and then she goes right back to sleep.

    Just remember, it's temporary :) I does get better!
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