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Anyone else freeeezing?

Poor DD - she's only 6 weeks old and it's freezing in my house.  I live in PB so we have no A/C and no heat.  I am worried about her this fall/winter.  I have to go get the space heaters from storage soon.

Do you all have heat? 

Re: Anyone else freeeezing?

  • we do, but I am out in Mira Mesa. Until you get space heaters, maybe you could try hanging curtains on her windows- the ones made from heavier material could possibly help?

    Can a baby sleep on flannel sheets? Just a thought but I have no clue!
  • We don't have heat in our house either, but, we are currently on the east coast until Jan.

    When we get back to SD, I'll need to get all of the space heaters out.  We will probably spend loads of time in my bedroom where it is much warmer.


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