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XP: Reading area?

I don't know where else to turn, I posted on thenest Philly board as well.  Any help/advice is appreciated.

MH & I are travelling nurses, and are contemplating a job in Reading.  Just curious...what's the area like?  Do you like it?  What is there to do?  What is the crime/safety like?  What are some good areas to live in?  What are areas we definitely want to avoid?

We would be there for only 3 months, and would be leaving in 2 weeks or less, so we don't have a lot of time to prepare.


Re: XP: Reading area?

  • If you are looking for a safe place, Reading is not tha place. It has the highest crime rsate per capita. However there are really nice areas that surround Reading. Is the hospital in Reading?
  • Center city Reading is not very good. Lots of crime and just overall not a good place to live in.  However, the suburb of Wyomissing is pretty good.  Shilllington is okay, not great, but not bad either. I think Temple is okay too, but not sure.

    The northeast suburbs of Reading (i.e. Blandon, Fleetwood, Leesport) are pretty rural..lots of farmland..so not much to do there. 

    There are some nice little restaurants/bars in Reading.  As for concerts and sports there are a lot of great acts at the Sovereign Center and Sovereign Performing Arts Center. 
    If you're into sports, Reading also has their own minor league AA baseball (Reading Phillies) and hockey (Reading Royals) and arena football (Reading Express) teams.  It also has outlet shopping. 

    If you're looking for more stuff to do there is always Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton (aka Lehigh Valley) (about 30-45 min. away) and Philly to go to also.

    Hope that helps!!!  Good luck with your move!

    Take care,
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  • I grew up in Exeter (Reading address) and it wasnt bad. Stay away from center city Reading for a home.  Wilson, Wyomissing, Exeter are nice areas for families.  There are a lot of places to eat and bars.  Any questions feel free to email me.
  • Hello,

    Having not been native to Reading and moving to the suburbs of Reading when I got married, I must say I have grown to enjoy the outskirts of the area lots of charm.

    I have been in the center city side of Reading once and have no reason to go in that area. However West Reading is safe and quaint with a small typical shopping area.

    I believe if you were to find place to live in Shillington, Wyomissing, Exeter or anywhere on the outskirts you would be fine. Plenty of shopping and things to do outside of the city.

    As with any major city there will be crime yet knowing to avoid the area is always helpful. You are about 45 minutes from Philadelphia which also has a high crime rate.

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