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I'm getting excited- it's my first race post-baby- anyone else doing the PDR?

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  • Hi, Is this the run in November? If so, then yes I'm going to run the 8k portion. Let me know if this is the run you are talking about.
  • Actually I'm thinking of doing the Rothman 8k too.  Question for you both... I've never run a race before.  My father and I are going to run together.  When the race begins, are you seperated by ages or sex?  Or can we run together?
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  • No- that's the Philadelphia Marathon which also has a 1/2 marathon and 8k.

    The Philadelphia Distance Run is September 21- it is 13.1 miles.

    The races are usually broken up into paces- so you and your father would start at the same time if you both run the same pace.

  • My BIL is.
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  • I am doing PDR but, I am 10 wks preg.  Very slow running right now.  Did you run during your pregnancy?
  • I did up to 23 weeks but then it just became unbearable for me so I did the ellipitcal and bike.
    That's great that you are running at 10 weeks! no matter what time you do-you should be proud of yourself!
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