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Intro, and question

So I am happy to start the New Year with a BFP! I tested today and was surprised to see those two lines. Can't wait to get chatting with you ladies.

I have a question about calculating the due date. We were blessed to only wait two cycles till our BFP, but I have crazy irregular periods so I'm not sure about my O date. I started using FF only to track CM and OPKs. First cycle I kept track, CD1 was Oct. 11 and lasted 43 days. Next CD 1 was Nov. 23.

Of course I ran out of OPKs right before what must have been my O date and hadn't gotten around yet to ordering more. I would take a HPT every week or so just to make sure, since my cycles have been so wacky. I'm pretty sure I took a test that was negative last week but didn't record it online. Can't remember the exact day though. So today (CD 39) I take a test and it's pretty darn positive, that line turned pink in like 20 seconds.

So I'm stumped about what to use to calc my due date...I hadn't been tracking my cycles long enough to say definitely that my cycles would have been 43 days long each, although I do know they have been running rather long in that kind of range. 

Any advice? Thanks!


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Re: Intro, and question

  • Congratulations and welcome!  For now just base it off your LMP.  That is what your doctor is going to do at the beginning anyway.  I was charting and I know when I ovulated.  The date I have is a week behind what my doctor is going by.  That may change once I have exams and an ultrasound though. 
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