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I cringe when she won't stop crying :(

Hi everybody,

I'm new here. My girlfriend recommended that I become a member. Before, I just kinda looked around. 

Usually my almost 10 month old will fall asleep on her own. We're pretty strict about naps and bedtime (7:30 pm to bed, 7 am she wakes like clock work, 10:30 am she's in bed for her first nap, 2nd nap is at 3:30 p.m.). Well, today she missed her 3:30 pm. nap and tonight when I put her to bed at 7:30, she immediately started crying which happens every blue moon. When this happens, I usually go in, pick her up, we cuddle, and then she goes to sleep just fine.

Tonight she just cries. She has a little sniffle but no fever and hasn't shown any other signs of being uncomfortable. She's been playing land crawling around like crazy as usual. I've gone in her room after putting her to bed twice and each time I pick her up, instead of settling into my chest for some lovin' she just starts playing, like she crawls all over me, laughs and smiles, pulls my hair and stuff like that. This leads me to believe that there's nothing wrong. When I put her back in her bed, she starts screaming again.

I don't want to hold her and play with her for the next hour because she needs to go to sleep to get her rest but she's still crying. It makes my flesh crawl. I hate to hear her cry like this but I don't know what to do to help her. I guess she's just real tired. I feel so bad like I want to cry myself. She doesn't have a fever, her humidifier is going, I suctioned out the mucus before she went to bed. I don't know what to do. Any advice?



Re: I cringe when she won't stop crying :(

  • Welcome! People might respond differently to this...Some believe in letting them cry it out, others are against it. If you definitely think she is tired, then I would let her cry a bit and put herself to sleep. This works for us and usually DD is asleep within 10 min. I know it sucks but it works. If you pick her up and she is fine and smiling, then I doubt she is in any pain. Everytime you pick her up she knows that if she cries, this will be your response.

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  • Thanks! Yeah. We're trying to get her to stop on her own but its killing me. It does suck! Thanks
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  • It is called the Ferber method. It does work, it just really stinks to hear them cry. They eventually learn to soothe themselves to sleep. We did it for naps too and it makes life so much easier!
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  • I'm not fully opposed to Ferber, just have discovered that with my girl it doesn't work. She works herself up to a full on panic and pukes. 

    It does sound like she is probably overtired. When Ella is like this, I usually try to either play with her for 10 minutes outside of her room and then try again, or try to snuggle her down.

    I know the feeling of cringing when they just cry and cry. It's so awful. Good luck!

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