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Moving to Denver, Need help!

DH is in negotiation to take a job in downtown Denver. We think we will be there by the end of summer. A few questions...

What do you like about the city?
What do you not like about the city?
Where to eat?
Where to live? Surrounding areas possibly?
I am a designer and work at an Interior Design firm now. I've been trying to look around on-line but can't really get a feel if this is a big architectual/design city to have a job in or if I need to just go to a temp service and work as a receptionist for awhile.
Also any input is greatly appreciated!

Re: Moving to Denver, Need help!

  • This board is usually dead, but there are a ton of us over on the local colorado nest board - lots of people can answer your questions there:)

  • Hi--we lived in Denver for two years, and recently moved to Massachusetts to live closer to family. 

    I liked how accessible the city was--it feels safe, and there's tons to do there
    I did not like how hot the Denver area was.  I was surprized that it hovered around 90 degrees for May through September.  Yes, it's dry heat, but it's still really hot.  Plus, there's no variation in the weather.  Every day the same.
    There are great restaurants...but most seem to be chains.  I'm sure with more searching you can find the good local places
    Where to live?  We lived in an apartment in East Denver near Aurora.  I would recommend the Washington Park area.
    I can't help you in regards to your work--sorry!  Good luck!

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