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Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers at shower?

Just curious if anyone registered for CD and had people actually purchuse them as shower gifts. We put a few Flips on our BRU registry and mentioned that we are also registered at Jillian's Drawers, but I have a feeling people will go for more "traditional" shower gifts. Has anyone gotten them as gifts?


Re: Cloth diapers at shower?

  • I didn't get "real" cloth diapers. People bought us Gerber prefolds when word of mouth got around that we were CDing. We didn't receive a single disposable though.
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  • I did and was so thrilled! I think a couple of things play into our "success"--CDing is not uncommon in my circle, we are known as being a very EF/voluntary simplicity family and so no one was surprised by our decision, CDs made up about 70% of our registries since our needs/wants for baby were otherwise very meager.

  • Nope. We had some on our registry and no one touched them. We got a disposable diaper cake at our shower (fortunately the only diapers we got).

  • Yes I got my entire CD registry from my very generous MIL!  She is so sweet :)  She totally doesn't get why we are into CDing, but she knew it was very important to me.  I love her <3

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  • I just considered it a victory when I didn't get any sposies!  LOL.  We did not get any CD, but we did receive a couple of gift cards to the CD store.
  • We got a pack of kissaluvs from my uncle who said, "this is the dumbest idea I have ever heard"  showed him...doofus.

    We also got a cover from a friend and three of my husband's friends got us prefolds and a fitted (women in case you were wondering) but that was from a local CD store-I think they were curious and went there and ended up buying us stuff.  

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  • I have one friend who cloth diapers, and she got us covers off our (Amazon) registry.  I think if BRU carried real cloth diapers in their store we would have received some, but people just aren't very into buying shower gifts online.
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  • We put a note on our BRU registry that said we were cloth diapering and registered at Kelly's Closet. I didn't expect anyone to get us anything from KC..since most of our friends think we are crazy for trying it (we are the only people we know who will be/have  CD in current times) and our families still think of it as flats with plastic pants (regardless of what we say or show them), we were very surprised when some of my coworkers went in together and got us the diaper sprayer we registered for, along with 6 kawaii pocket diapers. Another coworker has a neighbor who makes diapers from old t-shirts..and she gave us 1 fleece cover, and 2 was really cool and a total surprise to have people support our efforts like that...=)

    So you might be surprised... It doesn't hurt to go for it..register.. and put the word out there that you intend to CD. =) Good luck!

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  • my "granola" friends bought us CDs while family went traditional.


  • I really didn't expect to, but I put a note on the BRU registry that we also had the CD registry...we received the diaper sprayer, a KL0, 2 Lil' Joeys, 12 prefolds, a thirsties cover, and a Snappi! I was surprised! We also got a diaper cake, 2 packs of disposables, and a pack of disposable wipes...
  • have bought CDs for friiends as shower gifts.  (They had told me they were CD'ing.)
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  • image Hulahoop1234:
    I just considered it a victory when I didn't get any sposies!  LOL.

     Same here!

    I've been slowly stocking up on diapers and wool soakers since I was maybe 3 months along.. My family doesn't argue it, but thinks it's "a little overkill", especially after I told them I'd be making the baby food, too. 

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  • Oh, I forgot to mention that my FIL (yes FIL!) made an AMAZING diaper cake out of the GMD PFs we wanted.  He filled the inside with all the CD accessories (snappies, wipes, butt spray, detergent samples, some covers, etc).  My in-laws are pretty sweet.

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  • I made a CD registry at diaper junction online for DS2. People wanted to buy us things, and we had everything we needed from DS1. Almost everything was purchased off of our registry for us. I am so happy we decided to do it.
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