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In the spirit of the New Year i thought i would ask a pretty good question to all you mom's trying for #2+

My New Years Resolution for The bump: When i get pregnant again i promise to eat less and try not to give into my temptations to eat as much as i did with DD and to exercise more and go on long walks when it gets warmer.

What's your?


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    Gosh, I am pretty happy with how things went with DS2. After DS1 I had big plans to make lots of changes but with DS2 I was just alot more calm and did not have all the stress of working 3 jobs and going to grad school. I guess I would like to eat well and get moderate exercise.

    All in all I am hoping that 1. I can get pregnant again and 2. that it will go as smoothly as my first two pregnancies and delivery experiences. 



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    I think this time around I'll have to focus more on staying active since I work at home now. When I was pregnant with DS, I was working in an office where I took public transportation everyday, then had to walk to get lunch, walk to get coffee, walk to the train, etc. I'd be super thankful if my pregnancy the second time is as easy as the first. At this point, though, I'll deal with any symptoms, no matter how awful, if I can just get pregnant again.
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    Well, I'm really hoping we get pg...IF sucks. After that, if I can carry to full term, that'd be great.
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