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T&P wanted. :(

Just went pee and had some brown spotting. No cramping involved. Not lots, either. Wiped once and it was there, wiped again and it was almost gone, wiped a third time and there was none. But I'm still freaking out. I'm trying not to cry hysterically. Should I go to the ER? I hate this so very much. T&P and extra sticky dust would be greatly appreciated, if you could spare any. TIA. 

Re: T&P wanted. :(

  • Thinking of you and hoping it's nothing. As for calling or going to the ER - do what you need to do.
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  • Thoughts, prayers, and hugs headed your way. I just had this scare yesterday. Call your OB and see what s/he suggests. I would go just for the piece of mind.
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  • Thoughts & well wishes with you.  ((BIG HUGS))
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  • *hugs* and T&P your way.

    I probably wouldn't go to the ER but defnitly follow up with your dr.  Take it easy, feet up, lots of water. If it does get heavy and crampy definitly head it.

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  • ((hugs)) I hope it is nothing, but call your OB for piece of mind
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  • thinking of you!  Praying all is well! 
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  • Put your feet up and take a deep breath.  Call your OB and if you need to go to the ER so you can make it through the night, then definitely go.

    Sending positive thoughts your way! 

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  • Thinking of you!
  • Praying!
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  • I vote stay home and rest tonight and if things persist then call Dr.!!
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  • This happened with my first baby around the same time. I had a tear in the placenta and it ended up being nothing. I called my doctor and went in the next day. Hopnig for the same for you.
  • T&Ps are with you!!!!
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  • T&P coming your way. Call your OB and see what he or she says. ::sticky baby dust to you::
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  • I hope everything turms out ok...T&P.
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  • Try not to worry. I had the same thing last week, but saw the heartbeat Thursday. Doctor was not concerned and said nothing to worry about. I would call the doctor for reassurance. If there is no severe cramping you should be okay.
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  • Thoughts and prayers for you.
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