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Ist U/S - good results

Sorry it took me a day to update y'all - we immediately left to go to my parents' (doing Christmas late as we were stuck in Italy longer than expected) and I just figured out how to hack into their WIFI.  We had our first ultrasound yesterday and all looked really good.  The baby measured exactly 9 weeks (FF said 9 weeks, 2 days, so I thought that was close enough for government work) and had a heartbeat of 178 BPM.  The tech was quiet at first and I panicked a bit and asked if there was a baby in there and if it was alive.  He then started telling me what was going on.  Probably only five seconds elapsed in silence, but it felt like eternity. 

I also go back in two weeks for another ultrasound (it's part of the post-miscarriage plan and they won't charge me for it, which is really nice) and my first appointment.  I also asked the doctor about my weird spotting (it's clumps/strings of light brown thick mucus that come out about every three days and only in small amounts and doesn't have any pain attached) and she said it's nothing to worry about and likely just excess mucus thanks to the progesterone.  That was a relief to hear. 

We're elated to hear that all is well and to get to see a real live baby in there!  I keep looking at the pictures as it just doesn't seem real.  We tell my parents tomorrow and my in-laws next weekend, so it'll be getting interesting around here...  Thank you to all of you that were thinking of me and sending good thoughts and prayers.  I'm so glad to have good news to report!

And sorry to post and run, but we have to take my niece and nephew out for pizza.  We're babysitting them tonight.  

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Re: Ist U/S - good results

  • Great!!
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  • sounds great!!
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  • Congrats on a great u/s! It'll be amazing to see the changes that happen in just two weeks time!
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