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Pregnant & waitressing...

Anyone else in this boat? Kinda sucks because you can't escape the smells of foods that repulse you! Almost everything smells gross. Many other girls where I work either are or have been pregnant recently and say that learning to breathe solely through your mouth is the trick of the trade. But ugh, I feel so gross most of the time! And the customers don't help, because now my hormones make my switches flip a lot faster!!

Re: Pregnant & waitressing...

  • I don't mind the smell. I can't wait until I'm bigger and I get more tips ;)

    My coworker is in her third trimester and she makes so many tips lol.

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  • I'm headed back to waiting tables in a few weeks. I had planned to go back to work when Ella Grace turned one.... this should be interesting!
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  • The smells haven't bothered me yet (knock on wood)  but I am nervous for when they do.  Our restaurant is very small and there isn't many places to get away from the food.  Plus I have no desire to run around as fast as I normally do now, I'm so freakin tired by the middle of the shift--it sucks!


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  • Yes I'm always exhausted! Hopefully the smells won't bother you guys as much! And I'm kinda hoping people feel giving and leave a little something extra once in a while. :)
  • I bartended while pregnant with DD & the tips were wonderful!!  Granted I was behind a bar, but the dirty, smelly customers made life hard!
  • The smell of my clothes after work is what really bothers me.  It's garlic and burning wood...such a bad combination.  
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