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What should I do?

I thought NYE was tomorrow night when DS was with his dad, so I made plans with a friend to go out (the last time I went out without DS was in October).  I realized last week that it's tonight!  So I have DS.  He's just getting over being sick, almost done with his antibiotics (2 more days) and doing much better, only a mild cough left.  My mom said she would keep him while I go out, but I feel guilty, especially since he's not 100% better.  I rarely let anyone keep him and have never left him overnight. 

Here's the kicker.  I'm now feeling a little under the weather.  I've been a little stuffy, mainly in the morning when I wake up.  I had decided to be responsible and stay home and rest, but then some clothes I ordered arrived early, so now I have a cute new shirt to wear which is making me wish I could go!  haha

So what should I do?  Stay in or go out? 

Re: What should I do?

  • Definitely go out. If I could I would!
  • He'll stay at her place.  I don't think he'll have a problem sleeping there, I just have a hard time letting go! 
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  • Go out.  Wear your new shirt.  He'll be OK with grandma!
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  • I would go if I were you.  She offered to watch him don't feel guilty!  Have fun!

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  • Thanks ladies, I'm gonna go!  I need to get over feeling guilty for leaving him.  Now I have to decide which shirt to wear: fun and funky animal print or slimming black?  If you can't tell, I'm super indecisive!  Leaning toward the black tho.
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