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BFP! and new job Q

Ok - This has probably been asked a dozen of times, but my simple search isn't finding anything. 

Anyone get a BFP after JUST starting a new job?  How did you handle that with the employer? 

I just got mine after being with this new company for just a month.   I don't want to promise that I will be back after the baby is born and I don't want to be let go (illegal, but not if something else is sited as the case of termination).

 Thoughts and thank you!

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Re: BFP! and new job Q

  • I found out a week after I got a new job. I waited until I was 3 months to tell. This time it depends on how I am showing. No issues.

  • Congrats! I actually got my BFP for Ella Grace the date BEFORE I started a new job. I waited until I was 15 weeks to tell. I was super nervous but by that time, they could see it wasn't interfering with my work.
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  • Haven't had this experience, but I would think it might depend on the feeling of your company. If it's super-competitive, cut-throat business environment, I would likely wait as long as you can. But if it's a really family oriented place, you might feel more comfortable with it.  I work at a church, and while I am waiting until the usual 12 weeks (actually a touch more because of travel), I feel like my environment would lend itself to more family friendly practices.
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