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eff you suppositories!

Grr!  I'm finally able to go to the bathroom great.  I haven't spotted in 2 1/2 days.  I put in my suppository and lay down for 30 mins.  I get up pee and still good.  I start getting dressed to head for the mall and check my pad again and pink mixed in with the normal discharge from the suppositories!  I swear I hate these things!  It could possible be from the added pressure of having to go BM again which I did but still there was no more spotting.  I'm so over it and can't wait until I can be done with it..them..the spotting?!? 
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Re: eff you suppositories!

  • So frustrating!  How much longer do you have on the suppositories?


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  • hey said I could stop today.  I'm still spotting and stressing out.  I'm trying to hold off the urge to head to triage again.  I know I can't go everything I spot.  Its ranging from pink to reddish like it was like time when everything was fine.
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