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spotting at 6 wks is OK, right?

That's what the books are telling me. It's very mild and dark brown, not bright red.......anyone else have this??

Re: spotting at 6 wks is OK, right?

  • Spotting is common but not "normal" per say. I had pink spotting at 6 weeks and then brown at 8 and 9 weeks and everything was OK. Brown is certainly better than red. Are you cramping at all?

    Try to take it easy, put your feet up and drink lots of water. If you're still spotting tomorrow, give your RE a call. 

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  • I've heard about 40% of women have it. I had it exactly at 6 weeks and then nothing since. I agree about taking it easy by drinking water and putting your feet up. Good luck!
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  • I had dark red, brown spotting twice.  Mainly when I wiped.  Remember, there is a lot of blood in your uterus and your cervix can be irritated very easily.  Are you doing progesterone suppositories?
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  • I agree with PPs. Spotting is common, but not normal. I had brown and even bright red spotting a couple times in the first 8 weeks. It turned out that there was an irritation from my endometrin applicators. There is a lot of blood heading to the uterus now, so it is easier to bleed a little bit. I would drink water and relax. As long as you don't have cramping or a lot of bright red blood, things are probably fine. But, do not hesitate to call your doctor. Hearing it from them is always more comforting AND you also make your doctor aware of things that are going on with you.



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  • Thanks, ladies....I had very mild cramping while sitting upright, but now that I've been lying down a while its gone. Not doing progesterone supps but I am taking one dose of estrace per day intravaginally. Thanks again, I feel a lot less anxious now :)
  • I haven't had any spotting with any of my pregnancy's, but I agree with the rest of the posters. Drink lots of water and relax!
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  • imageams8099:

    Spotting is common but not "normal" per say. 

    This. I did have spotting at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks. I would take it easy tonight. Put up your feet and drink plenty of water. Also, put a call in to your RE to keep him/her in the loop.


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  • Yep - I had lots of dark brown spotting off and on from BFP until about 7.5 weeks.  Nerve wracking but very common.
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  • SMS, I had a major bleeding episode around 6w (6w2d to be exact).  Lots of bright red blood with no cramps. We never did find out what it was, but there was nothing untoward with the pregnancy.  I did end up with on and off spotting until about 8 weeks. A lot of IVF pregs have extra spotting due to a super thick lining.  If you are not filling a pad and not having major cramps, keep doing what you're doing - rest, drink lots of water and keep your feet up!



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  • Yes, totally common. I had red spotting at 5ish weeks and since then (I'm almost 7 weeks now) I've had super light brownish/gray mixed with white when I wipe. I think this may be due to the crinone supps that I take 2x day. Still annoying. I'm sure you will be ok! It is stressful though :(
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