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Pregnant after a Loss

Here's the real thing I'm worried about

Last year, when I was pg with one baby, I had bad m/s, I was throwing up about 3 times a day at this point.

This year, I'm carrying two, and I've only thrown up once, yesterday, and that was just barely.  I'm nauseous, but not all the time.

I know yall aren't doctors or anything, but the reason this really worries me is that last year, when my m/s stopped, my baby died on the same day.

If you already have kids, was your m/s the same during both pregnancies? 

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Re: Here's the real thing I'm worried about

  • How far along are you?
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  • 6w 4d today.  Shouldn't it be twice as bad as last year?
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  • I have only been pregnant once but one of my friend (who has had 2 completely healthy pregnancies) had no morning sickness with the first at all and with the second she was throwing up like crazy.  I just think that  every pregnancy is different. I totally understand why you are worried though
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  • My morning sickness didn't hit until closer to 8 weeks.  I felt a little nauseous here and there, but the fun really started after 8 weeks.  I would say it's still early and you never know when the fun will start.  
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  • Aw, I understand. I felt that way earlier too. With DD, I didn't get m/s until 7w. I can't fully recall how bad it was, but I know I threw up almost every day. BUT, I was functioning and able to go to work and be there on time every day. I was sick, yes, but it wasn't horrific. And it lasted the entire time.

    With DS who we lost, I had horrible, debilitating m/s from the very beginining (I was not working at this time). I seriously could not move, or do much of anything. I threw up constantly. I remember thinking, "It wasn't this bad last time! It could not have been because I would have been fired." I wanted to DIE. It was so, so bad.

    This time seems to be mimicking DD's pregnancy. I didn't get sick until later, and I throw up almost every day, but it's much more mild and manageable.

    I know we are conditioned to think really sick = good, but I am a perfect example that this is not always the case. Each pg. is different!!!

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  • I think each pregnancy is totally different. I didn't have a stich of ms, maybe it will just be better this time around.

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  • Every pregnancy is different. My morning sickness came in with a vengence around 7-8 weeks.
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  • First off congrats with your twins, I am so excited for you.

    I was pregnant with triplets and didn't get morning sickness until 8-9 weeks. I remember because it was exactly Thanksgiving when I got it.

    So you should be ok. It will come and go.

  • I have never had m/s with any of my pregnancies. The first two I lost, and this one is going great so far. So I don't think level of sickness really has anything to do with the health of the pregnancy. From what I understand (and I am obviously no doctor), m/s is caused by your body's reaction to the pregnancy hormones. Some people (like my mom and I) do not react to those hormones. But if you have had your levels tested and they look good, then I wouldn't worry. My levels were crazy high for a singleton and I wasn't sick AT ALL.
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  • Mine is different this time than last. 
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  • This pregnancy was totally different for me. I've never had morning sickness for either one, but the first one I was really tired- like barely able to function and had some other symptoms but this pregnancy has really been a breeze and I am full term as of yesterday.

    Each pregnancy is different, but for this healthy one it's been a lot better for me.

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  • My first pregnancy I didnt have hardly any m/s, I was just tired all the time. But eventhough its still early I feel completely different this time around. I have been nauseous on and off all day long, tired all the time, yet I can never sleep.
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  • First PG, not a drop of m/s. The pregnancy/baby was otherwise healthy, minus the whole anencephaly thing.

    This PG, m/s hit hard around week 9/10.

    p.s. if you could please PIP said m/s, it would help us to understand and analyze it better Wink but only after you PIP the used TP

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  • My m/s comes and goes. Some nausea with very minor vomiting but mostly I feel good. Both babies are doing good. Every pregnancy is different and so is everyday.
  • My sister had no sickness with triplets.
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  • With my pg with DD and this one M/S was definitly different.

    With DD. All day on and off queezies starting at 7 or so weeks, peaking at 9-10 weeks with DD. I think I only dry heaved once or twice the entire time.

    This time more dry heaving to go along with the all day queezies starting a bit earlier.

    Hang in there and try and take it one day at a time.  It can come and go and can vary greatly among pregnancies.

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  • With DD my M/S started at 6.5 weeks, and ended around 18 weeks.  I puked at least a couple times per day during that span, and felt like I was going to boot the rest of the time.

    With M/Ced LO, I started having nausea around 5.5 weeks, but only threw up once.  My nausea continued for a few days after M/C (apparently my hormone level was still high) and my body was still trying to tell me I was pg, even though LO wasn't alive.

    No nausea so far with this pregnancy, but then again, I'm not even 5 weeks yet.

    I've heard that the old wives' tale says nausea/puking if you're carrying a girl(s), none if it's a boy(s).  Who knows?! 

  • I truly and honestly believe that every pregnancy is different.  My mother had horrible nausea with me, and barely anything with my brother.

    I felt pretty good with DD, had some minor nausea at night, nothing too major.  With the pg that I lost, I tested because I was nauseous, and was nauseous right up to 8.5 weeks when I lost all my symptoms.  I m/c'ed at 11 weeks but passed the sac before my u/s, so I don't know what happened with that one.

    With this one, I was not nauseous at first, then started getting nauseous around 5.5 weeks, but I've been feeling much better the past few days.  I just had an u/s on Tuesday with a baby with a strong heartbeat, so who knows what's going on. I still have some of my other symptoms, and I'm also chalking up some of this to being able to better manage the nausea (not eating as much, more frequent meals). I'm just clinging to the knowledge that every pregnancy is different.

  • My last pregnancy was a missed m/c, & I never had m/s but the mild symptoms I did have started to fade & that's when I *knew* something was wrong with our LO.

    This time, I've had mild nausea, strong food aversions, & little appetite since about 6 weeks.  But it hasn't been constant.  In fact, about a week before my u/s, I started feeling better...which freaked me out because that's what had happened when things went wrong last time.  But at the u/s LO was measuring perfectly on time & had a great hb at 182.  

    Since then, my symptoms have gone up & down, but I'm trying to not read too much into it.  Trying.  ;)

    When is your first/next u/s?  And, somehow, I think I missed the fact that you've got twins in there...congratulations!!!  

    ((BIG HUGS)) & lots of good vibes to help get you through this stressful early stage! 

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  • I completely understand your concern and I'm sorry you're having to go through those emotions. But, I can say with my first 3 pregnancies the m/s was barely there. But with this pregnancy I stay sick with m/s. So it definitely can change up.
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  • I'm just lurking over here but wanted to throw in my two cents.  When I was pg with DD I was super nauseous starting at 6 weeks.  With this one I have no m/s and hardly any symptoms at all.  I was really concerned about the lack of symptoms, but had an u/s last week and baby had a strong heartbeat and was measuring right on track.  So, it seems like every pregnancy is different and I'm just trying to be thankful I feel better this time around.  good luck!
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