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I called my doc last night and after taking a hot shower per her suggestion to try and stop the contractions, I went in. The nurse checked me and id had no cervical change from ymy wed appt - still 50% and 2cm. I continued to have contractions every 1.5 minutes apart but they weren't showing to be very intense on the monitor. The on call doc would like to see the baby stay in another couple weeks so they sent me home after giving me an ambien to see if sleep would relax my body and make the contractions stop. The doc wants me to take it easy today. H is at work so my mom is here to help with the boys. I'm still having contractions every couple minutes and they greatly intensify if I get up and walk around so who knows. Thanks for all the support last night. th the boys. I

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  • I dealt with this for the last 5-6 weeks of my pregnancies, the worst was with Maile. I hope you can get some rest.
  • Good luck!  DS was born at 37 weeks and the 2 girls were both born at 36 weeks exactly.  All were very healthy.  I was told that girls' lungs mature more rapidly than the lungs of baby boys, so my docs weren't super concerned about stopping labor when it came for real. I'm glad you have some help and will get a chance to rest :)
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  • Oh my goodness! While I'm anxious to find out her name and see pictures of her, I want her to be fully baked, too! Stay in there, Baby Girl! I hope you can take it easy, Mamarazzi. I know how stressful it is. I had tons of contractions towards the end of my third pregnancy too.
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  • I thought for sure you'd be holding your baby girl by now!  When I was 29 weeks with DS I also thought I was having BH, then it occurred to me that they hurt a lot more than usual and started timing them, and sure enough, they were happening regularly.  Fortunately a shot of terbutaline (sp?) stopped them. 

    I hope she bakes a couple more weeks, but I hope you're not too uncomfortable.  Take it easy!

  • Dislike  Hopefully it eases up so you can sleep and not be miserable!!! :(


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