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Travel to the Caribbean in 1st trimester?

We have a trip planned to the South Caribbean when I will be about 10 weeks along.  I'm nervous about the flight, water, excursions, and water sports.  Any advice?  (We haven't had our 1st appointment yet, hence the nervousness.)


Re: Travel to the Caribbean in 1st trimester?

  • I don't know if nausea or morning sickness are a problem for you or not,but I know flying made me sick.  I'd look into something just in case.  I'd ask your doctor before booking any excursions.  Other than that have fun and enjoy your vacation.
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  • You should be perfectly fine.  My only advice is to HAVE FUN!  Enjoy this time as a 2 person family & do whatever you want.  Probably wouldn't go bungy jumping, but water sports should be totally fine :)  I went snorkeling durring my pregnancy last time.  it was awesome.
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  • Yes, go and have fun! I'll be doing the same in a few weeks. Email or call your resort, most places have filtered water or bottled water available. I'll probably pass on some or the most active excursions, but you can do most activities at this point in pregnancy (that you are comfortable with, baby is pretty protected). 
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  • I just came back from a vacation in the Caribbean and all was fine! 

    As far as the flight goes, get up every once in awhile.

    For water I drank bottled and still went swimming in the ocean.

    For excursions I took a side-less jeep tour of remote parts of St. John and all was fine.

    Water sports though, I would avoid.  

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  • Just take it easy. The only thing I'd be more cautious about are the physical excursions, the water that you shouldn't drink (only bottled water) and talk to your dr before you go so you can get some helpful tips.

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  • If you don't have nausea or morning sickness, I would say go for it! For me, 2nd tri was the best to go on a vaca during my 1st pregnancy. Mostly the nausea has passed and I felt more like my self and DH and I had fun in LV.
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  • imageCilley:
    If you don't have nausea or morning sickness, I would say go for it! For me, 2nd tri was the best to go on a vaca during my 1st pregnancy. Mostly the nausea has passed and I felt more like my self and DH and I had fun in LV.

    Hey, I'm going to VEGAS during my second trimester, too!  Any specific suggestions?  I was hoping to book a prenatal massage that wasn't ridiculously expensive and I want to ENJOY all the food. 

    Did you have problems with the casinos being too smoky?  I know it's VEGAS and I should be a jerk about it to other people, but I want to minimalize the impact where I can...

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