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no m/s but no appetite

what's going on? i have no desire to eat. i have to force myself. i don't feel sick or anything, but nothing is appetizing to me. i just made oatmeal, and it's sitting there...i might even throw it out. i dont know whats up. i know i have to eat for little one... but what could this be?? anyone else experiencing it?

Re: no m/s but no appetite

  • that's how my m/s started....now i'm throwing up!
  • I'm pretty much the same way. I wasn't in the mood for anything at breakfast yesterday. I did eat lunch and was kinda hungry. I didn't want anything for dinner and so far this morning and I'm really in the mood for anything. I've only gotten sick once but I don't feel sick at all.
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  • Same for me, and it was like this for my last pregnancy too.  My last go-around this no-appetite thing was just the harbinger of some really crappy m/s, but I'm hoping (probably in vain) I can escape that fate this time, haha.

    You do have to eat, but try not to force yourself too much.  Or just kind of graze all day instead of trying to shove entire meals into your belly.  That's what I do when nothing seems appetizing, I just keep a box of crackers handy and munch on a couple just to get something in the tummy.

    // I love you too. //

  • Since you're only 5 weeks it's probably still a little early for morning sickness (of course a lot of women get m/s whenever). But I'm feeling the same way as far as a lack of appetite and I have felt that way since about 5 weeks. I try to graze all day as someone previously said. Just don't force yourself to eat, and eat healthy! I notice the only thing I am craving is fruit in every form.

    Are you taking your prenatals? Just make sure to stay healthy. I'm sure our appetites will come back with a vengeance!

  • This is exactly what I have had for the past 6 weeks. I've had some nausea but mostly it's just forcing myself to eat a couple times a day. GL to you, hopefully it gets better and not worse!
  • i dont really have an appetite either! i usually am always hungry, but now nothing seems good enough to eat.
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