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35 week u/s on Friday...

Everything still looks good.  I am so relieved to know that this baby looks completely healthy.  After 4 u/s I am finally convinced that this baby doesn't have congenital issues like Gavin.
The only thing is that I am measuring almost 2 weeks ahead and they told me that as of Friday the baby is already 6lbs 9oz.  Gavin was only 6lbs 11oz!  Here's hoping I go into labor early!  I'm okay with having a bigger baby just a little nervous about pushing the baby out.

Re: 35 week u/s on Friday...

  • great news!!

    I've heard that the measurements are usually way off

  • That's great news! I can't believe you're already 35 weeks, I feel like you just announced you were pregnant.

    Their measurements are often way off. They said Gabby was 6lb 8oz at 35w and she was 7lb 8oz at birth  (38w).They said Nolan was 6lb 10oz at 35w and he was 7lb 6oz when he was born at 39w. Don't stress about it - a head is a head! My labor with Nolan was SO easy compared to Gabby. 7 hours of labor, 3 pushes and out he came.

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  • I agree with pp, ignore those weights and measurements.  When I went past my due date last time they told me I was going to have a ten pound baby and DD was 8 lbs. even.  Silly u/s techs.
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