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questions to ask at 6 week pp appt

I ended up with a c-section after 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing with DD sunny side up (not sure on the proper name for that).

DH and I want more kids (but not for 2 years) and I want to VBAC.  Is there anything I should ask at my 6 week PP appt?

I have a low incision and was sewn up in 2 layers.

Re: questions to ask at 6 week pp appt

  • Perhaps ask your OB if they believe you are a good VBAC candidate (honestly, it sounds like you are, since her position could have had a lot to do with having issues getting her out).  You can also ask if they have an opinion on why you needed the c/s. 

    FWIW, there is info on to help with positioning next time around.  It's something I've been working on this time around!

    Congrats on your little girl (she's beautiful!) and hope your recovery is going well! :)

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  • thank you!  GL on your VBAC!
  • not sure what to ask but, i wanted to say that your little angel is beautiful. congrats.
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  • There's a list of questions in The Doula Guide to Birth.  I found it really helpful.  Here's a link to the site for the book.  HTH!  Smile

    IMO most of the questions are meant to help you get an idea of your provider's perspectives about VBAC vs RCS, as well as help with communicating your feelings about wanting a VBAC to your provider.

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