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help! x is forcing daycare

So my x is demanding that i send my son to daycare (coincidenetally the same one that his gf's children go to) on the two days during the week that he is with someone else. my issue is that right now, (he is still only young) that he is with a previously nationally certified licensed day care provider. he will not get better, more personal care/education/ experience than being there. so not only does he want to get another day of visitition during my day off, but he wants my son to go to a day care with her children so that they can all be together (as previosuly noted they are out of control hellians) and "i can see him more" and it would be best for him... but of course, there is a perfectly fine provider taking care of him now, but that isnt good enough for him...also when we go back to court for our pretrial, he wants joint legal custody so he can have control over educatin and medical--- he is pissed that i wouldnt give my son the flue shot... but why give my son sometthing that i woudl never give myself? and his doctor gave me the okay not to give it to him!

 has anyne else has any issues with their x demanding that their child goes to day care? and what happened? i refuse to pay for sending him to day care because i do not want him there--- and he doesnt need to be there at this point, there are so many other chldren he is around that he does not lack social skills.. and again- he is one!!


any advice is appreciated.

Re: help! x is forcing daycare

  • I had the exact problem of my ex wanting to have me put A in daycare when I was having him with an in-home sitter. But in my situation my ex just stopped caring so idk what to tell you, though I do think that he doesn't have much a fight. If your LO is already in a good place it would not be in his best interest to be pulled from the home with familiar caretakers to be put into somewhere new if the people watching him right now are good.

    I have full physical custody and joint legal, but in our paperwork for joint legal it says that if after discussion and each parent has considered the other parent's point of view, if an agreement can still not be reached on a school or medical issue then the final decision goes to the custodial parent. You should probably still talk to your lawyer in case the laws are different in your state, but it doesn't seem to me like your ex will be able to force your son go to DC.

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  • Talk to your lawyer.   They will be able to tell you how likely the judge is to grant your ex's request.
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  • Also, who is caring for your son right now?
  • i think i will need to get that sort of wording... the reason why he doesnt have joint custody is because we are still in the temperary orders, we have pretrail next month. so that was part of the settlement that i have sole. He will be requesting joint legal and i will have sole physical (which is more of a reason to have me have the final say)

     C is currently with my mom who is more than qualified.

    he fianlly admitted that the only reason he wanted to make the baby go to DC was so he coudl see him those 2 days a week in the AM and PM, as well as on his curent court appointed day, and his second visitiation day that he will be requesting in feb

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