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Hello Ladies

I wanted to introduce myself, I see a lot of GD posts here and I was diagnosed today, so I would like to lurk around.  My levels for 2 of the 4 blood draws on the 3 hour were very high, not borderline at all.  I am very worried about my health and the babies health.  I will meet with the diabetes doctor next week.

I came to bump through the pregnancy loss board as I had a missed miscarriage in April, and then got pregnant again in July so I mostly hang around the pregnant after a loss board, as well as the 2nd trimester and my birth month board.

If anyone has any words of encouragement on GD I would appreciate it.


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Re: Hello Ladies

  • Welcome to the GD world.  It will take some time to get use to the diet and counting your carbs, but after a while it gets much easier.  I would recommend buying a kitchen scale to measure your food on.  It is much easier than guestimating the first couple of weeks.  I use mine a lot still to measure potatoes and pasta before I cook them.

    My dietician told me to just cut back on certain foods, but I can still eat just about everything I did before (much smaller portions of course).  I would also say to avoid rice.  This is one of the few things that will make my BG jump really high.  It may also be easier to avoid refined sugars (candy) altogether if you are like me.  If I eat one small piece, I want the whole thing, so I just avoid candy all together. 

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