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Does anyone know the difference between SDI and PFL?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and plan to take 2 months off with my baby. I was planning on taking State Disability but then I started reading about Paid Family Leave and I can't tell the difference between the two. Are they the same thing or is there a difference? Thanks in advance!

Re: Does anyone know the difference between SDI and PFL?

  • Nope, I wish I could help out, but I have no clue.
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  • New mothers who are eligible for pregnancy-related SDI will also be eligible for an additional six weeks of PFL benefits to bond with a new baby.
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  • I know, it's confusing, but they're different. You can get both. You can get disability starting at 36 weeks (pregnancy itself qualifies as disability, you don't need to have an unusual problem like hypertension or anything). Ask your doctor to submit the forms. Disability lasts until you have your baby. THEN you qualify for Paid Family Leave, which is an additional 6 weeks if you have a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks if you have a c-section. The forms are automatically mailed to you if you were on State Disability. So you can get about 10-12 weeks of pay (at 60% of your salary). I didn't get any maternity benefits from my employer so i relied on that.
  • I actually think that SDI goes from the time your doc writes you off of work until 6 or 8 weeks after you give birth, depending on if you have a vag delivery or a c/s. When those 6 or 8 weeks are over you can apply for PFL. I got 6 weeks of paid family leave and I could have taken more unpaid. So after I gave birth I had a total of 12 weeks paid leave.
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