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back from OB...

no progress, next appointment is Wednesday for an NST and internal.

I also made an appointment for the Monday after that (38 weeks exactly) where they will do another NST and an internal again, at that appointment they will do a membrane sweep and if I don't go into labor on my own in my 38th week they will set an induction date for my 39th week if my cervix is favorable. looks like I'm going to be here for a while.

I'm so relieved to have full term babies and not have to even consider things like the NICU or consequences, etc. I'm actually getting more nervous about what happens after they come, two babies at once. OMG. Oh, and I'm trying not to think about what it would mean to be pregnant for another 3 weeks.  

Re: back from OB...

  • Sorry you aren't having a 2010 baby but I am very excited that you are going to have big healthy babies.  Hopefully you will have them sooner than 3 weeks though!
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  • No tax break for you!  But I am glad everything is great with the babies!
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  • I'm glad that everything looks good but sorry for the no progress.  Its nice to not have to worry about NICU etc. though! 
  • You are a rockstar.  Really - I am in awe of you.  I know it sucks to be so miserable.  Hang in there, lady.
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  • Did your babies not hear about the financial consequences? 

    I wouldn't put too much stock in the "progress." I was a fingertip dilated forEVER, including after 24 hours of cervadil and a failed induction, including at my last appt a few days before he was born and my water broke shortly thereafter. 

  • Oh Niki, I was really hoping for some progress for you!!  Hopefully things will change quickly!
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  • I am amazed that you're hanging in there for so long!!! You must be SO uncomfortable but it will be wonderful to have full term babies. Great job!!
  • I'm so glad to hear your LO's are doing well sweetie! Plus, we'd love to have you around for a few more weeks :)
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  • Oh Niki, I wish that you were going to get your 2010 babies. They know when they are supposed to come though. Hang in there, you are dong a FANTASTIC job, Momma!!!
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  • You will be an amazing Mom :) I was so hoping you were going to get your 2010 babies but I am also glad they are cooking a little longer. 
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  • Wow! Maybe even our delivery dates will be close too! Those little babies just love growing in their womb!!! Hang in there. I cried at work today in a corner of course! So utterly exhausted! I can only imaging how pooped you must be! 
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  • I'm so sorry your LOs aren't cooperating with your financial boost in 2010. They will be here before you know it though. I have a feeling the coming weeks will seem to fly by :) 

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  • I'm sorry you didn't get an eviction date or any progression, but I sure am glad to still see you here! :)

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  • I know you're bummed (and physically miserable!) that your not making more progress but think how cute your big, plump babies will be when they do arrive. 
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