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Anatomy scan today!

Everything went absolutely perfectly!!  Measurements are spot on.  Kiddo was being stubborn and it took forever to get the heart measurements.  I ended up having to walk around which was a good thing because I thought I was going to pass out.  I guess from lying on my back for too long.  It's funny, everyone worries about sleeping on their back but let me tell you, there is NO WAY my body would have let me do that without waking me up or rolling me over in my sleep.

MH held his ground. The tech asked if he wanted to know and he said no so she wrote it down for me. He wasn't going to let me tell him though. I didn't think it would be a big deal but then once I knew I REALLY wanted him to know too. He finally caved because he said he didn't want me to be stressed out since it's bad for the baby. :)  It's a BOY!!!  I just could not be happier :)


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Re: Anatomy scan today!

  • Yay! Congrats on your healthy little boy! So exciting!
    After 3 years, 3 losses, and 3 IVF's, our little girls have arrived! Lilypie Premature Baby tickers Zoo
  • Congrats on your healthy little BOY!!!!! Yes
    After 5 years of TTC, 3 IUIs, 5 IVFs, 2 FETs, multiple losses and an adoption that wasn
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  • Congrats on your baby boy!
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  • Congrats on your little man! What an exciting day!
    ? We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness... ?

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  • Congrats and welcome to team blue!
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  • Congrats on your little boy!!
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  • awww YAY Gym, so happy for you and yippity for team blue!

    Your DH is adorable :) 

  • Congrats and welcome to team blue!
    Dx with PCOS and IR June 2009
    After two losses, third time was a charm.
    pm me for blog link
  • Congrats on being Team Blue.  I am glad everything went well today.
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  • Yay Gymnst! I'm so happy for your healthy little boy!
    IVF, acupuncture, meditation and a miracle. 


     Our sweet Valentine's Day FET.


  • Congrats on a healthy baby boy, Gym!!
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  • Congratulations on your great appointment today!  And, on your new little man!!  How exciting!  Big Smile
    Mr. & Mrs. ~ 09.08.07

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  • I love everything about this post.
    Infertility, Life & Loss Blog
    Love & luck to my 3TC girls. Congrats to Omega-The boys are here!
    If there's one thing I've learned while waiting my turn,
    it's that in each life some rain falls but you also get some sun.
    After 2 years & 2 losses, our little man arrived 8-2011.
  • Congrats!!

    2 years, 2 surgeries, 2 clomid fails, 2 IUIs, 1 loss, IVF #1 - 10/25/10 = BFP!, DS is now 3.5yrs!
    TTC #2 - 6/12 surgery #3, FET #1 & 1.2 = BFN, 12/2012 FET #2 = BFP! DD is 1.5 yrs!
    Surprise! 12/16/14 BFP, loss #2 12/31/14

    I can't wait for the "im getting a divorce" post in 5 years or so because your husbands were fed up with your disgusting chair asses from playing on the knot all day and getting fired 4-5 times for not doing any work. you guys are all winners!! ~ Laur929

  • Oh Gym, I'm so happy for you!! Congrats on a great scan & your little boy!!
  • YAY gym! Congratulations!! :)

    It took 5 failed IUIs and a failed IVF, but our FET worked!
    My pregnancy after Infertility Blog
    Our baby girl was born on April 27, 2011!
  • Glad everything looked great! Congratulations on team Blue!
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  • I almost passed out at our anatomy scan too! Full bladder + lying on my back = not so much :) I'm so glad you had a good scan and congrats on team blue!
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  • Yay, congrats on Team Blue and a healthy baby!!

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    *Beautiful daughter born 2/14/11!!*
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  • Yayy! Congrats hun. So excited and happy for you!
    Our 1st IVF miracle, Briggs Sterling, born via c-section due to IUGR and footling breech. 6.5.11. 5:51am. 5lbs 1.5oz.

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  • Yay!  Congrats on the healthy baby boy!!!
    Our IVF miracles arrived on 7/20/11 at 37 weeks after 3 weeks of hospital bedrest! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers "Stubbornly persist, and you will find that the limits of your stubbornness go well beyond the stubbornness of your limits." ~Robert Brault
  • Welcome to team blue!!!!!!
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  • Congratulations!

    Welcome to team blue :)

    Let the shopping begin! 

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    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

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  • Congratulations!
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