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Those on Heparin - a question

What dosage are you on? I'm on 15,000/ 2x a day. This is also why I'm being induced at 38 weeks. Anyone in a similar situation?

Re: Those on Heparin - a question

  • Today was my first day on Heparin, I just switched from Lovenox.  I am only on 5,000 2x day but was on 40mg 2x daily of lovenox.  

    Its precautionary for me even though I have Factor V and MTHFR.  I will be induced sometime during week 39 if I don't go on my own but that is b/c I am high risk and have GD.  

    I've heard that heparin is weight based and it seems like most on here are on 5,000-15,000 2x daily.  


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