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Worst News.....Judge Ruled

I had a sh*tty attny throughout my divorce ordeal...She didn't do her job, and I basically spent $1300 on nothing - proof shows since the judge ruled this Monday and gave EX-H everything he wanted!! He made him residential parent for school, he let him off the hook for our joint loan that is like $6000 solely on me now, and he cut child support in half....add this to losing my job 2 weeks ago, and I am a mess. I am so upset - I hope to save money for a good attny and fight it, but not sure how long that will take. I just can't believe that he got everything. He cheated and has a baby with his fiance now, and I try to be a good person and damn good mom, and yet I got screwed. Anyhow, just needed to vent.


Re: Worst News.....Judge Ruled

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