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Dividing up Milk for DC

I'm EBF and going back to work in about 2 weeks (when LO will be 6 weeks old). I'll be working PT--two days for three hours and three days for five hours. Right now I am feeding on demand. How should I divide up the milk I send to daycare? They have a policy that they can't prepare any bottles, so they have to be ready to eat. She's eating about every two hours, so I was thinking a bottle with 2 oz for each 2 hours she'll be there? Does this sound good?

Re: Dividing up Milk for DC

  • You may want to do a trial run with bottles a few times before you go back to work to get a better idea of how much your LO is eating each time. I think at 6 weeks my DD was taking 4 ounces.
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  • It really depends on the baby, I agree with PP about doing a test run...DD was taking 2-3 oz at 6 weeks, where DS was taking 4-5, they were also eating about every 3 hours.
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