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High-Risk Pregnancy

High Risk 33 Weeks - Growth Monitoring

My baby is growing but slowly, she was in the 9-10th percentile from week 23-28, then at week 29 she finally measured normal and was in the 29th percentile, and as of Monday (12/27) she measured in the 26th percentile. The doctor says it's her head that's throwing the percentile off and causing it to be low. He has not said whether or not we should be concerned, only that I should not exercise at all and rest as much as possible. And now have to retake the glucose test because I failed. I can't imagine having GD. Anyone expereince any of these things (small fetus, GD, etc.) with your pregnancies?

Re: High Risk 33 Weeks - Growth Monitoring

  • My LO's head was measuring about a week behind the rest of his body (30th percentile vs. 38th percentile) for about 6 wks.  After getting a level II ultrasound 2 weeks ago the doc said he looks great and babies can grow in all sorts of ways. I would not worry about it at this point since she is still in the 29th percentile. Usually they don't diagnose IUGR until 10% or lower. You are 33 wks so you don't have long to go and she may just be a small baby. GL!
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