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So I had to take the 1 hour glucose test and I failed it. So I had to go back and take the 3 hour and I failed because 2 of the numbers were high. Tuesday I had to go and talk to a dietician. Well before I talked to her I had to talk to a nurse and she told me my results and they were a number or two over the range. So I have to check my blood sugar 4x a day. Every time that I have checked my numbers are low. I am wondering if I even have it. I have not gained any weight so far I have actually lost 15 pounds in 14 weeks. This is so confusing. :(
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Re: GD?

  • Why did they have you test so early - at 14 weeks?  I do know that insulin resistance gets worse the further along you are, so maybe they see your slightly elevated numbers right now as being a sign of what's to come.

    I also think it's normal to have the "I don't really have it!" thought at the beginning.  I certainly did.  What I've learned is that the morning fasting number is the most important (according to my MFM doctor).  Is that number low as well?

    Even though my numbers were only slightly elevated like yours, and my post-meal numbers are always well in range, my morning fasting numbers are high (should be 90 or less, mine are 110ish), so I will be starting on Glyburide soon.  The diet is kind of restrictive at first, but you really get used to it.  It also doesn't *hurt* anything to follow the diet, so you may as well. 

    Sorry about your diagnosis and GL! 

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  • I know it is confusing. It seems early for you to take the test, but I would say if your levels were slightly elevated this early, then it is best to treat yourself as though you have it.  Like the PP said insulin resistance becomes a bigger issue later in the pregnancy.  I only failed my one hour by one point, and the three hour by 2 points, and haven't gained a ton of weight- so I know I was thinking the same thing. 

    But, once I started testing and seeing what certain foods were doing to my blood sugar, I actually became quite thankful that they caught it b/c it would not have been healthy for me or the baby to continue eating some of the foods I was eating.  I have been able to control it through diet, and now my MW has me only testing twice a day instead of four times- although I still find myself wanting (crazy, I know) to test four times just to make sure I am still doing alright.  Good Luck- it gets easier after the first week or two.

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  • Dont feel bad!  My fasting number was 98, they wanted 95 on the 3 hour.  All of my other numbers were below the Carpenter Coustan criteria numbers except the fasting.   So I have been diagnosed and am testing 4 times daily as well.  I have only had 3 tests that were more than 140 (141, 145 & 163) and less than 5 were my fasting number was higher than what they would like to see (less than 100, less than 95 even better).

    I have often wondered the same thing - if I even had it.  I will be honest...I havent changed much from what I was doing in the beginning.  I was able to figure out when to eat my evening meal in order to help with my fasting numbers, but that is about it. 

    Good Luck!!

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