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Any Recommendations?

I'm new to the board and am newly pregnant.  Does anyone have any recommendatoins for drs or midwives within Fairview?  Has anyone delivered at any of the they have tubs?

Also, anyone see any providers at HealthPartners Woodbury and deliver at Regions?

I am trying to find a provider.  Thanks!

Re: Any Recommendations?

  • Hi there and congrads!

    I delivered at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville and I had a very plesant experince. I had typed up a birthing plan and they stuck to it and if something had to be changed up for any reason they talked with myself and/or my husband before it happened.
    I delivered with Majkrzak and she was super nice. My dr. though was Davenport and Stark, both awesome OB/GYNS

    Check out their website.
    The hospital did not have tubs that I was aware of but they might, I never asked.

    Good luck!
    p.s if you want any more info on the Fairview Ridges or Southdale OB/GYN you can email me!
    [email protected]

  • Just wanted to say congrats! I heard that Fairview Southdale's maternity ward has been recently remodeled.
  • LOVE Majkrzak. She delivered DS. I've seen almost all the docs at southdale and love them all.

  • I see the regular Drs at HealthPartners Wdbry - not sure about prenatal though. I think they may deliver at Woodwinds, which has a really nice maternity ward with soaking tubs and the option for waterbirth. I delviered my DS at Woodwinds, but because of complications couldn't have a waterbirth, and DID enjoy the soaking tubs and the staff was really great.

    We're delivering #2 at St. John's because I am trying for a VBAC this time - staff available to assist Dr there if needed, but not at Woodwinds.  Otherwise, if I need a c-section I'll probably be back at Woodwinds.

    Not sure about Regions with the tubs, but had a friend who delivered there and really liked the hospital.

    I see Dr. Burrough's a Concerned HealthCare for Women in Wdbry if you are still looking for someone - he's great!
  • I went to Southdale ob/gyn, too, and saw each of the doctors. I delivered on 4/16/08, 4 wks early due to ruptured membranes, at Fairview Ridges. My daughter had to stay a week because she was 35.5 wks. While it was a little scary because I did not expect her to come until  May 17th- I can't say enough good things about my doctors and the hospital and their staff. The nurses and everyone were amazing. It was out of the way for us, but 100% worth it. We originally were going to deliver at Southdale, then heard not so good reviews and switched. I'm so glad we did. I absolutely loved the staff and doctors, they made a somewhat scary experience so much easier. I have a friend that delivered at Regions and she did not have a good experience. She lives in St. Paul, so with her 2nd child she went to Abbott in Mpls (close to St. Paul) and had a great experience. Good Luck!
  • The OB's at WBY Health Partners (at least when I was having DD) deliver at either Region's or St. John's....  You need to check with your HP policy for which hospitals are covered (which sucks, but is the reality that they dictate that part of thigns)...  I honestly would NOT recommend the birthing class we took at Regions (the instructor we had at the time was ANTI any medications what-so-ever so wouldn't have a true discussion of what they are, what they do, and such..  The other thing is don't focus on your birth plan, focus on your PP pain management and visitors plan instead)... 

    My OB at WBYHP was AWESOME!!!!  David Baram...  Looks like Mr. Burns from the Simpson's, but he's a fantastic OB.  If you're wanting someone you can stick with long term as a primary care MD, both of the Simon's have birthing (husband/wife pair) priveliges at I believe Regions.  I'd also recommend Dr. Fraser for a Ped there...  He's been great with DD and is pretty down to earth with what's worth coming in for and what's not. 

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