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Insurance Covering U/S

I'm having my first U/S at 9 weeks and am assuming again at 20 weeks.  Does anyone know if the insurance generally cover the one at 20 weeks with having one at 9 or if I'll have to pay for it out of pocket.  Thanks!

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Re: Insurance Covering U/S

  • Every insurance company is different, but as long as the ultrasound is ordered by your dr I would think it would be covered.  My dr does an 8 week and a 20 week and both were covered. 
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  • I had two ultrasounds and an NT Scan and all were covered by insurance, but I assume each plan is different. 
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  • I had a ton of them (at least 20, I was high risk) and they were all covered. My first one was at 6 weeks to date the pg, and then another at 20 and then one almost every week until I delivered at 39 weeks.

    I think it depends on your insurance and how your OB's office codes it. If they are medically necessary, then more than likely they'll be covered.
  • I agree with others, it totally depends on your insurance.  With DS I had several late in pregnancy + the 20 week - all covered.  Now with DD, and different insurance, I have to pay a $25 co-pay if I have an u/s in the Dr office, no matter how many, but if he prescribes it out, I'm covered 100%.
  • Depndes on insurance.  All of mine were covered.  I had one right around 8 weeks and then 20 and abotu a ba-jillion after that as I had complications.  I had least 2 per week from week 26 until I delivered at 31 weeks.  Insurance paid for all of them and some of them were done by a nurse at my hosue while on bedrest!
  • I am assuming they will all be covered, if the doctors orders them medically necessary.  if you go to a special 3D u/s place jsut for fun, then insurance wouldn't pay for that. 

    I had 8 u/s and they were all covered.
  • the 20 week one was covered, no problem.  originally, they did not cover my 12 week quad screening u/s.  they called it testing or something and not prenatal.  but i had the clinic re-code it as prenatal and it went through. i have BCBS.  

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