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Nail biting

Anyone else have a nail biter? From what I've read it's normal. She isn't doing it to the point of bleeding, but I do catch her with her toes sometimes. MIL of course thinks there's something horribly wrong since DH never did it (only). I tell her to take her fingers out of her mouth when I see her do it, but don't make a huge deal out of it.
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Re: Nail biting

  • we had a nail biter, but her affection for painted finger nails won. I told her you can't have painted nails if you are going to bite them. It worked.. good luck!!

    And I think it is a big deal since there is a ridiculous amount of bacteria that doesn't get washed from underneath nails.
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  • Eva is a nail biter.  She tends to do it when she tired, bored or nervous.  I asked her ped about it at her three year checkup and she said to just try and distract her.  She recommended giving her something to do with her hands like hold a doll or another toy.  
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